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KRS 0000140007
Wspieramy chore dzieci z całej Polski od 2002 roku


About us

Child Help Civic Foundation in Warsaw is a public benefit organization providing specific help in treatment and physical therapy to children with health issues. Our focus is on supporting efforts of parents who try to collect funds themselves.

Our Foundation was established in 2002 and was granted its status following the regulations of the public benefit and voluntary work Act of Law. It is listed in the National Court Register as KRS 0000140007. The Foundation was set up by parents, families and friends of children undergoing treatment at The Children’s Memorial Health Institute with the vision of mutual support in assuring children’s best health.

Our goal is to provide help to sick children and their families as well as promote and protect the health of children and young people.

We mainly look after Polish children. We offer help to those who cannot afford the treatment costs.

We support them through:

  1. covering diagnosis, medical and physical therapy treatment costs, excluded from a health insurance plan.
  2. financing part of purchase of drugs, medical and physiotherapeutic equipment to be used at home, not refundable by social insurance institutions or the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled Persons (PFRON);
  3. covering accommodation costs of parents or legal guardians staying at hospital hotel, when necessary for medical reasons;
  4. covering costs of special diet, special clothing or furniture and equipment for the room in which a sick child lives;
  5. covering transport and travel costs of the sick child and caretaker in case of out-of-home medical or physiotherapeutic appointments.

One of our major areas of activity is cooperation with The Children’s Memorial Health Institute. As a child help Foundation we signed a contract with the Institute in 2010. Since then we have been financing parents’ stay by their child’s bed in hospital through the night. We dedicate our help to those who are in exceptionally difficult financial situation.

If you want to help us

There are many different ways to help:

The most obvious way is to donate money onto the following account:
05 1160 2202 0000 0000 6763 3382

When sending money from abroad in foreign currency:

Bank Millennium SA
IBAN: PL 05 1160 2202 0000 0000 6763 3382

When donating money for a specific child, it is enough to include the child’s name in justification for transfer.

This link will help you make a difference.

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